This page is for Easter Eggs! If you have read the main page, then you must know that this page is "under construction" and you can suggest an Easter Egg if you want. Even though I said that, I do know some glitches and easter eggs. Here it is!

Pokemon Cloning GlitchEdit

This glitch can be used to clone another pokemon for breeding or for fun! This a very useful glitch for Pokemon Breeders.

Execution Step by StepEdit

  1. First you must have already beat the Elite 4 and unlocked the Battle Frontier. Then fly to the Battle Frontier and go to the Battle Tower. (Before you can clone your Pokemon, you need to have it in your party already.)
  2. Go to the PC in the Battle Tower and deposit the Pokemon you want to clone. Exit the PC and save the game.
  3. Now open the PC again and withdraw the Pokemon you wish to clone.
  4. Go talk to the Battle Room lady (the one closest to the PC) and tell her "Challenge". Choose the category of the Pokemon to be cloned (Level 50 or Open Level; I don't think it matters which one you choose) and select two Pokemon. The woman will now say "Before entering Battle Room, your progress must be saved. Is that okay?" Say "Yes". Now you will notice a small time gap.
  5. Your Pokemon has been successfully cloned!
  6. When the sentence "Would you like to save the game?" appears, choose "No". Now turn the game off and turn it on again. You will find the Pokemon in your party and the PC![1]

Lightning Rod's Second Ability Edit

If you have a Pokemon with the Lightning Rod ability, other trainers (NPCs) will call you more often. This Easter Egg is useful for people who love battling, but other people will get annoyed because of the frequent calls that get in your way.[2]

FireRed/LeafGreen Reference Edit

After gaining access to the Slateport museum, go upstairs and examine the statue of the ship near Capt. Stern, or where he used to be, to find a model of the good old cruise ship, the S.S. Anne! This Easter Egg has no use, but it is an interesting fact![3]

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